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This website is a memorial to our loving daughter,
Michelle, who died suddenly and unexpectedly as a
result of a ruptured aortic aneurysm on March 10,
2004.  Michelle was a wonderful, loving, talented,
intelligent young lady who already had made the
world a better place and had so much more to offer
when she left us.  She belonged to the Alpha Gamma
Delta sorority while attending the University of
Minnesota and cherished the bond she had with her
sisters.  Michelle’s loves were reading, dance, playing
her violin and piano.  She treasured her family and
friends, especially her mom who was her best friend.  
She brought magic and love to everyone she
touched.  She will always be our angel and will be
deeply missed by everyone she knew, especially her
fiancé, Sean McPherson, whom she loved deeply.  
They were to be married on October 9, 2004.
There is no way to describe the pain of losing a
child.  We go through life with the worry and fear
of such a loss but somehow we don't believe it
can ever happen to us.  We foolishly believe that
our lives will follow what we think is the normal
order of things and that our children will be here
to grieve for us.  Surviving the loss of a child is a
never-ending nightmare, and learning to cope
with the pain is more likely than ever recovering
from the loss.
Michelle and Sean were planning
on a wedding reception at the
Bearpath Country Club in
Chanhassen, Minnesota. Bearpath
hosted an open house in January
2004 for the brides and grooms
and their parents who were to
have their reception there in 2004.
It was a wonderful and exciting
day.  Little did we know that it
was all we would get - no
wedding, no reception and no
promise of the future, just a little
taste of how wonderful that day
would have been.  
Michelle and Sean
Tuesday, March 09, 2004,
3:58:06 PM
Updated 5/10/2009
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Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)
By Andrea Bocelli featuring Sarah Brightman
(This song was part of Michelle's Funeral service)
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This is the last known picture of Michelle.  It was found in
her digital camera 9 months after her death. It was taken on
the ski slope at Lutsen Ski Resort just 24 hours before she
left us. She and Sean were together with Sean's father,
brothers and friends for a fun day on the slopes. The next
day Michelle didn't feel well and thought she had pulled a
muscle in her back and shoulder.  We now know she was
feeling the aneurysm. It's very difficult to view this picture
as it gives us an absolute helpless feeling.  Nobody had a
clue what was ahead.  Life is so uncertain and God works
in such a mysterious way.  We must have faith as it's all we
have left, but times like this test that faith.  We will
continue to trust in God as we truly believe it is the only