The new baby
1 year old
First Grade with Mom
!st Grade
Bedtime with her friends
Hooking a Rug
School Days
Puppies and Bears
Trip to Disney World
Mickey Mouse Club
Fun on the Rope Swing
Wizard of Oz
Halloween with Kersten,
3 years old
My dog, Snookums
8 years old
*** Michelle's first friends, the Rippberger Girls ***

Michelle and the Rippberger girls lived two houses apart and they were each others first and best friends.
They had a wonderful time growing up together with many sleep overs and many parties.  
The Trosvig's are cousins to the Rippbergers.
Backyard party
L to R, unknown, Angie Miller,
Stacey Rippberger, Ryan
Trosvig, Amy Trosvig (Hadley),
Angie Rippberger,
Birthday at McDonalds
Michelle, Mikael Jorgenson,
Amy Trosvig (Hadley), Tiffany
& Angie Rippberger
Fun Party
Jessie Koshiol, Tiffany
Rippberger, Ryan Trosvig,
Stacey Rippberger, Angie
Amy Trosvig (Hadley) in
Halloween Fun
Angie Rippberger, Michelle,
Stacey Rippberger
Fun with the Wagon
Ryan Kennedy, Michelle,
Angie Rippberger, Stacey
Rippberger, Tiffany Rippberger,
baby is Shannon Kennedy
Brownies on Parade
Tiffany, Michelle  and Angie
"A Wink and A Smile"
By Harry Connick Jr
*** Snapshots into Michelle's Early Years ***