A Memorial to Snookums
This page and the Snookums Photo Album are a memorial
to Michelle’s puppy Snookums.  Snookums was 18+ years
old and age just caught up with her.  We had to make one
of the hardest decisions of our lives as Snookie was
suffering from arthritis and was just plain getting tired in
her old age. So, on March 19, 2005 we put her to eternal
sleep so she could join her sister Michelle in heaven. She
died in Stan’s arms and it was very peaceful. I am writing
this on the first evening without her and I must tell you it is
so strange and different without her presence around the
house.  I always said that she was the one who really lived
here as we just came evenings and weekends. Even in her
twilight days she would always try to be around us no
matter where we were in the house. We trust that she is
now with Michelle again and it must have been some kind
of reunion when they met again and now are waiting for us
to arrive at the gates of heaven.
In 1986, when Michelle was 9 years old she received Snookums as a Christmas gift from Mom and Stan.  
Michelle wrote that when Snookums showed up it was the best day of her life.  She had no idea that she was
getting a puppy for Christmas as she never dreamed that she could ever have a dog.  Stan answered an ad in
the paper and Snookums was delivered from a out-of-town breeder to a pet store where he picked her up.  
She was advertised as a silver poodle but, when he picked her up she was black as coal as you will see in the
picture album of her. We were to find out that silver poodles are born black and don’t become silver until their
first haircut.  On that Christmas eve, we put Snookums in a Pound Puppy house which was for toy dogs and
when Michelle saw the door open and a real puppy come out she was overcome with joy.  There is a picture
of Michelle holding her new puppy after they met that evening.  Michelle and Snookums were sisters and
often competed for the number three position in the family.  Some of the pictures in the album were taken by
Michelle as she had Snookums posing for the many candid shots.  She also taught Snookums a full repertoire
of tricks that they were proud to display.   Snookums was a wonderful little friend and companion for
Michelle and our family.  We miss that little shaggy face with those beautiful, intelligent brown eyes.  She was
just about the cutest puppy we've ever seen.  We will never forget all the good times and memories of her life
with us and the joy she brought to Michelle.  We miss them both so much.  
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