Memorials to Michelle
Monument in the Champlin Cemetery,
Champlin, Minnesota
The loving words engraved on this bench were written by Michelle's mom, Lynn, with
assistance from Stan, Sean and Nicole.

This bench was placed here in loving memory of Michelle Marie Franta by her mother
and stepfather, Lynn and Stan Liedman, and her fiancé, Sean McPherson, whom she
was to marry October 9, 2004.

Sweet beauty of the morning light, you danced through life with music and joy,
You blessed us with your love and brought us laughter and grace.
Angel and artist, with you life was magic, la vie en rose;
Now you are the soft breeze gently kissing our faces.
Michelle, ma belle, you showed us how to live and love,
To honor you we will go on, the light of your heart within us.
We love you.
October 9, 2004
On October 9, 2004 which was to be Michelle and Sean's wedding day, we held a ceremony in her
honor. Michelle was a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority while she attended the University
of Minnesota. Her sorority sisters from AGD asked us if they could perform an AGD ceremony at
Michelle's gravesite on her wedding day. They usually do this ceremony at a sorority sister's wedding
reception. The sisters form a circle around the bride who is sitting on her husband's knee.  The bride
holds a bouquet of red and yellow roses with long ribbons attached. They each take a ribbon and
stand around the bride while singing "The Sweetheart Song" and when finished they drop the ribbons
signifying that they are giving their sister to her new husband.  So they formed a circle around her
grave with Lynn holding the bouquet, and sang their sweet song to Michelle.  With their song, they
were giving their sister to God.  Afterwards Stan said a prayer to close the gathering.  As he stood
there a huge purple dragonfly landed on his knee and sat there, glimmering, through the whole prayer
and his closing words.  Most everyone there knew the
dragonfly story from us and we all stood
transfixed, watching it shine in the sunlight of that beautiful autumn day.  
Angel of Hope Memorial Site
Maple Grove, MN
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Michelle's memorial brick at the
Angel of Hope Memorial site
Lynn with Gail at the memorial
The Angel adorned with flowers after
the Dec 6th memorial ceremony.
Memorial Flower Garden by Barb.
Lynn's good friend, Barb, planted a
memorial flower garden in our front yard.
Stan prepared the stonework and Barb
designed, purchased and planted this
beautiful tribute to Michelle.  
Memorial Quilt from the Alpha Gamma Delta sisters
For Christmas we received a remarkable surprise from a group of
Michelle's AGD sisters. It was a quilt made from Michelle's AGD shirts
which we had given to the AGD sisters on October 9th. It was an
extraordinary tribute and so very thoughtful from a special group of
outstanding and sensitive young ladies. We will treasure it forever as we
know the love that went into it.

We want to say thank you from bottom of our hearts to Amy S, Amy V,
Anna, Debra, Emily, Katie, Maria, Sarah A, Sarah T, Melissa, Tara,
Tina, Marnie, Jess and Marjane.

Alpha Gamma Delta, pledge class 2000  
A Tree is Planted in Michelle's Memory at
West Creek Farm
Lynn, Judy and Joe
Lynn and Judy
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West Creek Farm is located in Northern Indiana and was a favorite place for Michelle as she
loved our wonderful friends Joe, Judy, Amy and Susan and all the pampered animals that lived
there. One of our last family outings was to West Creek for Susan's wedding just a few months
before Michelle left us.  She and Sean had one of the best times of their lives during that visit.  
See the photo album featuring West Creek.   The plaque at the base of the tree has the words
printed on the memorial card from Michelle's funeral.  
"Never Be Forgotten"
By Jessica Andrews
(This song was part of Michelle's Funeral service)
The Ceremony
The AGD sisters and Mrs Cope