Eulogy by Sarah
Readings from Michelle's Funeral Service
Eulogy by Sarah
We have a sisterness about us.
-Maya Angelou

We have a sisterness about us.
We understand each other.
You know my stories, my secrets.
I know yours.
I call you my friend…
but deep in my heart,

I call you my sister.

These are the words of Maya Angelou.  Michelle sent
them to me in a card during my 6-month deployment to
the Middle East.

I had moved away from Minnesota after graduation, but
this time, living on a ship, there were no phone calls.  
Consequently, Michelle and I did a lot of writing then.  
She always was so worried for my safety during that
time.  My command, the Eleventh Marine Expeditionary
Unit, had a website, which I think she found before I
could ever give it to her—Michelle was so quick on the
Internet!  She later wrote me in a letter, “So when are
they going to post some pictures of you on that 11th
MEU Website?!  It’s been all boys so far, but I check
every day.”

We dreamed that one day we’d live next door on Lake
Calhoun and push strollers side-by-side on a sunny
afternoon.  I made a request to her in one of my letters
that she vow that during our seventies we’d wear
eccentric hats, find a park bench, and feed the geese
together.  She replied in a in a subsequent letter to say
that, “We will, indeed, dress up and watch people
together when we’re old and grey.  We can take our
grandkids on fun outings together and go shopping and
have brunch, and spend our millions.”

Michelle was never afraid to dream about the future, but
she was always practical in her actions during the

Why we loved Michelle:
-Her smile
-Her curly locks of chestnut hair
-Her warm eyes
-She knows the difference between “Times New
Roman” and “Garamond” fonts—AND that she actually
has an opinion.  She had sent me a copy of her resume,
which was in Garamond font.  I thought, “Who uses
that?”  Well, Michelle did.
-Her music and the way we could make music together.
-The way she danced—she had the perfect facial
expressions which drew you right in to focus on her.
- The way Michelle would never sign her cards with just
a name—there was always a smiley face to go along.
-How there was never enough purple and never too
many elephants.
-The fact that she and Sean had some of the cutest
Halloween costumes you could ever think of.  While I
was away, she sent me pictures of her as a crocodile and
Sean as the crocodile hunter.  Sean—thank you for
loving her the way you do.
-How she looked like Jacqueline Onassis, Michelle could
have easily been carved out of marble or painted on
canvas for display at the Louvre.
-The way she was the best maid of honor one could
ever have.  I was so excited for my turn to chase after
her train and make sure everything was perfect.
-The way she turned everything she touched into a little
patch of heaven.
-Her integrity and moral character.
-The way she was never afraid to love.

My favorite memories of Michelle were those afternoons
we spent together at the piano.  I’d bring my Italian
Arias book and she’d play—beautifully.  I’d sing.  I
always thought that one day, we’d make music
together—maybe folk songs—at a coffee shop

In a later card she wrote, “You don’t have to be here for
me to be there for you.”

I think about that a lot now.

The day I found out Michelle had passed away, I
expected the Hawaiian skies to turn dark grey and to
pour down in torrential rain.  Instead, when I went
outside, the sun smiled brightly upon me while light
sprinkles of rain surrounded me, like little kisses.  There
is no better way to describe that rain than to call it
Michelle rain—so graceful—so beautiful—so full of
hope and love.  That is my Michelle.

I’ve felt over these past few days, that Michelle has
been looking out over all of us.  I’ve wondered, what
Michelle would say to us if she could.  I think she would
take each one of us individually so that she could make
us feel her entire attention and tell us how beautiful and
capable we are.  She would tell us she loved us and to
go out and make her proud.

Michelle—I will make you proud.
Sarah and Michelle

Lynn and Sarah
They were sisters
Sean, Michelle & Sarah and Jessie
"I Can Only Imagine"
By Bart Millard
(This song was part of Michelle's Funeral service)
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