Eulogy by Nicole
Readings from Michelle's Funeral Service
Eulogy by Nicole
Proverbs 19:21 says “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it
is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  In other words, none of us
has “planned” for Michelle to die at so young an age, but for
some reason the Lord did. Psalm 139 talks about how God knits
all of us together in our mother’s womb. His eyes see us before
we’re even formed. Verse 16 says all the days ordained for us
are written in His book, before one of them comes to be.

I shared with Michelle’s parents that I believe God knew from
even before the day she was born that her blood vessel had a
tiny little flaw in it. I also believe he knew exactly when that
weakness would finally give in. I say this to remind you that we
live in an imperfect world, in imperfect bodies. God does not
want that for us and He does not want us to suffer. But He
knows that we will and that we have to, just as his Son did,
before we meet him face to face. When a parent buys a child a
bike, he/she knows full well that child will fall and get hurt. But
to not give that child that opportunity would not be life.

For as difficult as Michelle’s death may be to all of us, I find
much to be thankful for. I don’t believe in coincidences, only
blessings. And I see many surrounding Michelle’s death. For
instance, Michelle and I had been playing phone tag for about 2
or 3 weeks and we finally connected last Sunday while she was
on her way up north. I ask myself what if another week had
gone by? You know how easily that kind of thing can happen.
But I’m sure there are those of you who weren't able to talk to
her as recently and may even feel regret. But I challenge you to
look for the coincidences or blessings in your own experience. I
think just knowing her for a minute was enough of a blessing.
Michelle could have died anywhere at any time, considering her
condition. She could have died in the hands of strangers, or
worse yet, utterly alone. Instead the Lord took her when she
was with her love and his family. Michelle didn’t like pain. And
she probably wouldn’t have tolerated a distressful or agonizing
death well. I KNOW she certainly wouldn’t have wanted the
horrific type of death you hear in the news all too often. We
talked about that all the time. God took her rather peacefully and
relatively painlessly. For all this I am thankful.

However, none of that can mask the pain and devastation so
many of us are feeling. Maybe that’s because you just don’t
meet people like her every day. Always smiling, always witty,
always so pretty and stylish, always warm, always patient,
always nice to everybody, always there. She was the kind of
person I could e-mail while we were both working downtown at
3:00 p.m. saying “ice cream – 15 minutes?” and she’d be there.
Among all the tears, I can’t help but smile or laugh every time I
think of her. I’ll share just a few stories with you…

Michelle and I were attached at the hip all through high school.
We were twins then as much as now. We had the same clothes,
same lipstick, same purse, you name it and we would finish each
others sentences constantly. In high school people even mixed
our names up. To this day, whenever people mistake my name
it is ALWAYS for Michelle.

We especially spent a lot of time together in the summers.
Michelle and I were never big fans of working. We always
thought we’d make excellent millionaire’s wives. All through
high school and probably our first two summers in college we
would lay out at the pool at my house all day long. And take
naps when we needed a break. However, I was little less spoiled
than Michelle and had to work 2 or 3 days a week from 4:00-    
7:00. So I would get ready and leave for work and she’d stay at
MY house floating around in MY pool…until her busy day was
over I guess.

By night both Michelle and I were undefeated Dr. Mario
champions. We spent many a night challenging our friends in
Lynn and Stan’s living room until dawn.

Then there was the time Michelle and I went to play scruffy
with the boys. Scruffy, if you’ve never had the pleasure is
where you tie a stuffed animal to some fishing line and put it in
the middle of the road and when a car comes you yank on the
string and laugh as people slam on their brakes. Well, the boys
told Michelle and I to wear dark clothes and that’s it. So, us
being indoor girls, we donned our designer jeans and wore cute
black shirts only to have them laugh at us when they picked us
up. While the boys played Michelle and I sat in the bushes too
chicken to really partake in the whole game. The funny part was
that we were about 5 blocks from her house and she just
couldn't figure out where she was!

From her high pitched scream at the sight of a bug to her taking
down the information of the person she just rear-ended with her
pink feather pen to her asking what the date was the night we
were going to see 4th of July fireworks to  her appetite for rare
combinations of food she was so innocently sweet and funny.
How can you not love her when she eats a hard boiled egg yolk
with salsa and M&M's so willingly and with that goofy grin of

I think Sarah hit the nail on the head Saturday when she said
that everything Michelle touches turns instantly beautiful. I
always looked to Michelle for her expertise in decorating, or
anything requiring any sort of creative or artistic skill. Her works
always amazed me. As did her genuine love for others especially
evident in her love for Sean. To hear her talking about Sean and
to Sean was like a fairy tale.

Michelle lived the most beautiful life. She just got it. She was
mature beyond her years and lived the way it takes decades for
most people to figure out. She lived as full a life as she possibly
could have in her 26 years. Isn’t that remarkable?

I believe that out of every bad thing that happens there is a
lesson to be learned. This is no exception. I already know what I
have to learn. Maybe you do, too. What I don’t think many of
us will know for a long time, if ever, is God’s reason for this and
I wish I had an answer for you. So it is for that reason we must
trust that He is in control and we must trust in His promise that
He is for us and not against us and that maybe He took Michelle
home to give Him a hand in a place she is more worthy of being.
Michelle and Nicole
"I Hope You Dance"
By Lee Ann Womack
(This song was part of Michelle's Funeral service)